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Dear Minister Alghabra:

I am writing to support legislation mandating the use of aircraft collision avoidance systems for gliding clubs in Canada.

I am doing so in support of the Leinweber family of Calgary, Alberta, whose son, Adam was killed in a mid-air collision at the Cu Nim Gliding Club, in Black Diamond, on July 26, 2019. (TSB report A19W0099).

Had better safety protocols been in place, Adam would today be in the physics program at the University of Calgary and a glider pilot himself.

Guidelines are not enough. Recommendations alone do not ensure safety.

Your efforts in helping in this matter are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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    If you wish to add something about yourself, your relationship to either Adam, his family or anything else please do so. We ask that you use respectful language, keep it short. We respectfully ask that anyone who wishes to oppose legislating the Gliding Clubs or aircraft collision avoidance systems to not use this form through the website and hurt the family more. Please do this on your own initiative.

    After successfully submitting this form, please proceed to step two and follow this link to the petition E-2889. Your signature will only be counted once you click confirm on an email that will be sent to you by the Parliament of Canada. By lobbying both the Legislative and Ministerial branches of government we have a better chance at success.

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